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If you are watching this list in html version you cant get all features of my list. You cant see track list of each DVD for example nor see any commentary
about concerts and some files
Files that marked as vob are videos of top quality. They were ripped from DVD or some digital TV source. Last ones are marked as DVB additionally
But I started to add that additional mark only recently(a half-year or so). So since then VOBs that not marked as DVB are DVD rips.
Files that marked as m2v are videos of mid quality. They are in SVCD format or in so called XSVCD(it means that file was encoded but its bitrate is higher than SVCD's one)
Rest of file formats are well-known but if you don’t know what a file type mean - ask me and I'll tell you for sure :)
And by the way files that are not m2vs or vobs are usually in lower quality, so I collect them only if I cant find a video in better quality or the video is rare.
The DVD list of this workbook is not only to show how much DVDs I have but is for trade things too :)
That means that if you want something(some track(s) or more) of a DVD I have  - I can cut a video you requested.
Well. I know that russian music is not well-known abroad but none the less if you're interested in some specific type of music I can advise you an artist.
Even more, most of people know no russian artists except t.A.T.u. and mayb Via Gra aka Nu Virgos.
But there are a lot of nice musicians and singers here, so feel free to ask me.
DVB means Digital Video Broadcasting. It's almost always the best quality of video. The better quality could give promo or clean DVDs only.
AVB means Analogue Video Broadcasting. Well it's not digital one, but still acceptable quality
WS means WideScreen. It's 16:9 aspect ratio video

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